New Age Advertising: The Food Truck Phenomenon

1464105159869A new culinary movement has been sweeping the nation in the past decade: food trucks. Thousands of food trucks, in cities big and small, are serving up everything from authentic Mexican cuisine to artisan hot dogs. But besides their unique food offerings, how do these “restaurants on wheels” set themselves apart from the competition? External marketing.

Designs have to be professional, original and most importantly, eye-catching, in order to attract new audiences to these mobile restaurants. With Avery Dennison films, shops are finding it easier than ever to make food truck owners’ visual aspirations come to life.

Kwasi Boyd and his team at Custom Vehicle Wraps have witnessed a rapid expansion of the food truck business at their shop in the San Francisco Bay area. “I lost track of how many food trucks we’ve wrapped after 200.” Phil Danza of Long Island’s G Dezine Wraps attributes the rise in food truck wraps to The Great Recession. “For me, the food truck business picking up was definitely economically-related. After losing their jobs, people are more willing to think outside the box and become their own bosses.” Peter Alvarez of Cruising Kitchens has been wrapping food trucks with great success in the San Antonio area. Cruising Kitchens wraps about 60 trucks per year, with a typical wrap taking anywhere from three days to a week.

When asked why they like Avery Dennison products, each shop had something different to share. “All of the Avery Dennison films are easy to install and remove, if needed,” said Boyd. “The relationships that Avery Dennison has with its channel partners are unlike any other,” said Danza. “And, you can’t beat the affordability and durability of Avery Dennison products.” “The color options that Avery Dennison provides are unmatched, especially for their Supreme Wrapping Films,” said Alvarez. “Also, the ease of install with Avery Dennison products is unmatched.”

Though the food truck craze began over a decade ago, shop owners predict that the market will continue to grow for many years to come. Food truck wrapping allows installers to embrace their creativity and challenge their expertise in order to bring the owner’s vision to life.

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