Club Sun Tanning Window Wraps with Perforated Vinyl

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With the lasting relationship that Shift Designs has with Club Sun Tanning Salons, it is only fitting they look to us when they decided to open a new location in Troy, Alabama. First they wanted to cover one window set with solid vinyl coverage to cover up the walls that were installed during renovation and had viewable studs visible from the window. Shift Designs took existing artwork from Club Sun Tanning Salons and used it cover the existing renovation. Then Club Sun wanted to advertize one of their existing specials on the storefront windows. They did not want to block the visibility from inside the storefront, so Shift Designs suggested a 50/50 perforated vinyl. The perforated vinyl allows a clear visibility from inside the business, even when laminated. This style of perforated vinyl still gives a crisp printed graphic, but still allows clear visibility. Contact Shift Designs now to design and print your next window promotion.

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