Hots Deli Menus

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08-21-2012-hots-deli-menu4 The new owners of Hots Deli in Dothan, AL originally came to us at Shift Designs for a new menu design. After talking with us and discussing their needs, what they got was a new identity. The decision to change was made with the realization that Dothan needed a “Healthier Alternative,” to the many fast food options here in town. Along with a brand new logo, we created a fun, appetizing design for the Hots Deli To-Go Menus. This project is a 3.5 x 8.5 inch double gate fold brochure style menu. The menu serves as a to go menu as well as an in store way for their patrons to see the food items close up, as well as menu choices. Contact Shift Designs today to talk to a designs specialist for your new promotional material.

08-21-2012-hots-deli-menu1 08-21-2012-hots-deli-menu2 08-21-2012-hots-deli-menu3

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