Shift Designs Exterior Vinyl Banner Video

When Shift Designs decided to add to its exterior signage, we decided to go with a scrim banner. We did so because we look to change the signage often to keep a fresh look. In our area, there is no permit needed to install a banner on your commercial property *check with your local governing office for regulations in your area*. This particular banner is 6′ x 20′ and is installed with concrete anchor bolts onto our exterior concrete facade.

The beginning footage was recorded with a Nikon D5000. The rest of the footage was recorded with a High Definition Canon VIXIA HF S20. All footage was edited down with iMovie since we just wanted a quick edit. Contact Shift Designs about exterior signage fo your business or promotion.


  1. I am impressed with how smooth the footage turned out from the Nikon D5000 rolling through the shop in the cart. The full color vinyl banner turned out cool hanging on the storefront.

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